Haven’t posted for a while, so if anyone is still reading I apologise. I have just completed my diving course on Ko Tao: I decided to go straight from the open water course that everyone gets to the advanced course, which involves deeper dives to 30m and was finished at the end with a night dive (awesome). Highlights include: a giant turtle, hunting barracuda fish, sting-rays, moray eels and countless other cool fish. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see any sharks or sea snakes, which would have been very scary, but also pretty cool. Just goes to show how hard it is to find these things, even in a place like Thailand.

The island itself is amazing, with lovely beaches and awesome food (notable highlights – pad tai, meat kebabs, roast pork with rice). It also had lots of cafes where you could get ‘Western’ style breakfasts, so I have stocked up on sausages, eggs and the like. On our final day on the island, I met a friend from home who I used to swim with years ago, which was rather strange – I guess it really is a small world after all. They were going to watch the ‘Caberet show’ later that evening (and I do mean with ladyboys) which I didn’t fancy, so I didn’t get to say goodbye. If you are reading this have a good rest of your trip round Asia.

So we left Ko Tao yesterday for the 10hr journey back to Bangkok, and we have one day sightseeing here before heading back to Shanghai on Sunday. I wanted to see a bit of Bangkok before leaving, primarily because it didn’t leave a lasting impression on me when I stayed here before (actually it did, but not exactly a positive one). So hopefully we can do some of the tourist things today – grand palace etc. Although when we arrived last night the weather was really humid, so it depends on how much we want to walk / sit in coffee bars.


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1 Response to Diving

  1. CAROLINE says:

    who was the swimming friend? look forward to catching up with you hopefully soon

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