So the last few days have been spent putting everything off that needed to get done, so that it is now 24hrs before I leave for Thailand and I have very little sorted.

On Tuesday I picked up my passport from the police station, which I am assured will get me into China without being locked up; but like most things here, I’ll believe it when I arrive back safely in 10 days time. Yesterday I went for a meal with some people from school to say goodbye, and we had a lovely BBQ thing where you can cook everything yourself on a big gas hot plate. Unlike the more traditional hotpot – which is the same idea, but boiling instead of frying – BBQ is very tasty; and the whole experience was enhanced further by the special ‘foreigner discount’ we received, much to the dismay of the other guests.

Today was my final day at school, so it was busy saying goodbye to everyone. I got some lovely presents off some of my colleagues – a hand painted opera picture and a knitted pillow case were the highlights – and our boss took us out for lunch at a very nice restaurant in the centre of town. Of course I couldn’t taste much of the food through all the baijiu we were drinking, but at the end I was labeled a ‘strong man’ for drinking it all, which of course, I loved.

Now going to finish packing and head into town for some dumplings etc before I leave tomorrow. I will be coming back to Huzhou for a couple of days when I get back from Thailand so I don’t need to say goodbye properly. I will take my laptop with me on my travels so I’ll try and update the blog and keep in touch.


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1 Response to Packing

  1. caroline says:

    you can do a count down on the number of dumplings you can possibly get down you before you return to sunny England ,can’t think the ones i produce are anything like you have been eating, boy are you going to miss them!

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