Just had three days off, which I definitely didn’t spend recovering from Hong Kong. On Saturday Will came to Huzhou for the night, and I finally met the expats from the UK who have been living / working in Huzhou for a few years. One of them was from Newcastle and one of them was good at pool. That’s about all I remember.

The next morning we went to Shanghai at crazy o’clock to do a bit of shopping (It didn’t help that I had peaked for the day at about 10.30am, and it was downhill from there). First stop was the fabrics market, where I went to pick up my suits, which look awesome. I went for a different style this time – Armani I think – which is a bit more fitted, and I also took along my suit jacket from last time to be adjusted slightly. Of course I ordered some more shirts, which I will pick up before flying home in July. Next was the fakes market, where I had to buy boring things like suitcases and presents for other people (sigh); although I still got some cool stuff: aviator sunglasses, jeans, walking trousers and silk (ish) ties. I nearly bought an Ipod until I came to my senses and realised that if they haven’t even bothered to make the buttons on the front look straight, there’s probably not a lot of hope for the electronics inside.

Afterwards it was off to Jiaxing for the night, but because the police are currently in possession of our passports, which are needed to get a train in China, we had to get the bus, which was unnecessary and not appreciated. It was even less appreciated when one guy decided to answer a phone call by screaming down the phone and then proceeding to talk for the next twenty minutes like both parties were in the middle of a gun battle in downtown Baghdad. It was a joke. Even the Chinese people, who tend to do whatever they please, thought he should be quiet, which tells you how bad it was. I’d like to think whatever he was discussing must have been important, so I came up with some theories:

1) the trade price of potatoes, which kept violently fluctuating, and therefore losing / winning him a lot of money

2) Yao Ming

3) the unfolding Ryan Giggs affair scandal (he now has to pay £1 million to save his marriage –  thanks The Sun)

After another night out, we spent the day chilling out in Jiaxing. In effect this meant more shopping: waterproof trousers (essential), camping stuff and lots of Calvin Klein products. In fact the only thing I didn’t get was the one thing I definitely need for Thailand – flip flops. But that’s just the way it goes sometimes.

Now back in the flat before my final week of work (I say work, but this is the loosest sense of the word). Lots to sort out before leaving for Thailand on Friday. Definitely need to send stuff home, despite two suitcases; should probably clean the flat; pack my suitcases; pick up my passport. But I think I can get most of this done on Thursday. Probably.


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2 Responses to Shopping…

  1. caroline says:

    get your things to send home sorted packed and sent this week it might take some of your time but you will be glad its done when you get back from thailand. end of lecture!

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