Hong Kong Part 2

So on Monday I spent the morning licking my wounds (literally) and chilling out. Had a leisurely breakfast in MacDonald’s, then went to Starbucks for a couple of hours, where I drank too much espresso and avoided any bright lights. In the afternoon I went out to Lantau Island to visit the giant Buddha which, much like the Hong Kong light show, was a bit underwhelming. I think the fact that it was built 50 years ago doesn’t help, so it’s not exactly an ancient relic. On the contrary the views over the surrounding islands were fabulous, and were thoroughly worth the trip up there. On the way back we wet to a shopping mall specifically for outlet stores; and after overcoming my shock at paying normal prices for clothes (damn you Shanghai market) I bought a nice jacket from the Adidas store. In the evening I met up with Will on the harbour to watch the lights before getting some food and retiring for the night.

The next day was Will’s birthday, so we spent the day at Shek O beach on Hong Kong island. I was covered up in the shade for much of the day, but did manage a nice swim when the clouds came over and it started to rain. This was of course in spite of the red flag and persistent warnings that it was unsafe to swim – what do they know? For lunch we ate in a restaurant off the beach and had some lovely noodles and dumplings washed down with beer. In the evening we headed back to Tsim Sha Tsui to do a bit of shopping – I was poised to buy a brand new SLR camera, but for the first time since coming to China, my sensible side got the better of me. Afterwards we went for a curry in a restaurant situated half-way up a block of flats. Space in Hong Kong is obviously at a premium and it’s not unusual to find restaurants and the like down weird-looking back alleys and in residential properties. Despite my insistence that the girls might not be too keen, we went up and had a nice meal; and Will even had a birthday cake courtesy of Skye, which was delicious.

My whole time in Hong Kong was fantastic and it’s definitely my new favourite city. The cosmopolitan aspect and the fact that its surrounded by fantastic countryside and beaches is a massive plus. Hopefully E&Y will see fit to send me here in a few years – if not I’ve devised a cunning strategy of refusing to do any work until they put me on a plane destined there. Which I don’t see any possible downside too. If I didn’t have to flat hunt back home I would investigate going back to HK for another month, but I think this is just wishful thinking.

Now back in Huzhou, which I have to say feels very dull compared to the last few days. Found out today I have three days off after Friday, which is awesome. Don’t want to work to hard after all.


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