Hong Kong Part 1

So in case you’re wondering, I forgot to take my laptop to Hong Kong, along with suncream (more on this later) and enough clothes. I will therefore detail my trip in two parts, just to keep all you readers (Mum) hooked in suspense.

So we arrived in Hong Kong on Friday after a 4.50am start in Hangzhou, very tired and hungry, to find that our  reservation had been lost by the hostel / booking company. Not fun. But after waiting in their reception for the best part of an hour and generally causing a bit of a nuisance, they found two spare rooms. Which I have to say, despite outside appearances, were pretty good: nothing fancy but clean and tidy with internet and TV. We stayed at the top end of Kowloon, which is where most of the cheap hostels / tourist hotels are located as it’s a couple of metro stops away from all the fun stuff in the centre of town.

That evening we went out for something to eat in Tsim Sha Tui, which is by the water-front, and I was pleased to find myself eating with a knife and fork for the first time in three months. It’s surprising how much British influence is still in Hong Kong, from the sign-posts to driving on the correct side of the road, which put a smile on my face. Afterwards we went for a quick shopping trip – Jimmy Choo, Versace, Ralf Lauren – so I obviously didn’t buy anything.

The next day we went to ‘Ocean Park Adventure’, where I saw a panda, watched a dolphin show and went on some rollercoasters before heading back into town. In the evening I met Will, Emily (his girlfriend), Sophie (her sister) and Skye (Sophie’s friend) to watch the Hong Kong light show, which involves a number of the big financial buildings shining lasers and searchlights in time with some amazing ‘on-hold’ music. The view from the harbour is spectacular, but the actual show leaves a lot to be desired, but you can’t really complain because it was free. And we did go back for a second time later on in the week so it couldn’t have been that bad.

The next day I spent with Will et al. at Stanley beach, which is about 30mins away from the Central stop on Hong Kong island. Amongst other things I did get very burnt, to the point where I was experiencing hot / cold shivers in the evening. Not good. I blame the fat Aussie bloke who was talking to us on the raft: he was telling a riveting story about China, and how he gets inundated with ‘ladies of the night’ when he goes to bars in Shanghai. Personally I would have gone for something a little less weird – something about the Great Wall perhaps, or the interesting food on offer – but he went a different way. Each to their own. After I had been suitably crisped, we headed back into town to grab something to eat before retreating back to the comfort of my hostel for the night.

So that’s Part 1. I’ll write Part 2 tomorrow when I am supposed to be doing something productive at school. Until then, here is a picture of a panda:


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5 Responses to Hong Kong Part 1

  1. OllieN says:

    2 readers Stu lol!

  2. fiona says:

    Hi! 3 readers then! I’m Emily’s mum and often read your blog as there is a link on Will’s, but have never commented as I thought it might be a bit weird as you don’t know me. Hope you don’t mind. Have been enjoying your tales. Enjoy the rest of your time there x

  3. Lisa says:

    fishing for compliments….. i like the panda, i dont like that u didnt buy anything from jimmy choo. xx

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