On Monday I popped into Shanghai (I say popped in, it really isn’t that close) to order two more suits – I went for light grey and navy blue, couldn’t quite bring myself to get pin-stripe – and a few more shirts. Afterwards I hit the fakes market again, but only for a quick run, before I got the bus straight back to Huzhou. So a very short trip.

Yesterday we had the day off (of course I still had to teach in the evening) so I spent some time exploring Huzhou – in the pouring rain. I went to the police station to ask about my visa, which I was assured could be sorted out when I returned from Hong Kong. They seemed to think it would be no problem to extend my residence permit, but I have been told so many different things I don’t know what to believe anymore. Let’s hope its a bit clearer in Hong Kong. Afterwards I went to get my hair cut, and for the princely sum of £2, I now have the same hair style as David Beckham. When I came into school today, another teacher remarked:

“Oh, you got your hair-cut. Good”. I guess it wasn’t so hot before.

I then went to do some shopping, and found a nice place that does fake Calvin Klein boxers and the like: so I got a couple of pairs to try for size, and will pop back for more once I have been paid.

For lunch I went to a noodle place I hadn’t been to before and ordered some fried noodles – big mistake. The dish I received was swimming in so much oil, it was as if the noodles had been added afterwards as a garnish. It was the kind of dish that Rik Waller (Pop Idol fame) would send back. So I finally found a place to eat that isn’t too great: its only taken 3 months, which I don’t think is a bad return.

Now in school for what SHOULD be my final day of teaching but I’m still not sure about what I have to do after I return from Hong Kong, so we shall see. It will be playing games and showing Mr. Bean regardless. I have uploaded a photo below of me with a class I particularly liked, although I only got to teach them a couple of times. Will try to take some more over the next couple of weeks.


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