Host for the Day

The weather here the last few days has been really miserable: grey, overcast and incredibly humid. On Sunday the sweat was literally dripping off me as I was teaching, which isn’t pleasant for me or the students in the immediate vicinity. Luckily the humidity has died down today, so I’m crossing all my fingers and toes in the hope it stays this way. It definitely won’t.

One of my lessons on Sunday was a performance by the kids to their parents, which I had to host. I managed to perk myself up more than I would normally, and as a result thought I did pretty well. There was high-fiving, laughing and a lot of games (one of which I dragged the parents up for). At the end the Chinese teacher congratulated me on a job well done, although I can tell from her reaction that she was relieved – I think she was less than impressed in the two practice sessions we had earlier in the week. Turned up on game day though, which is all that really matters.

Another night out in Jiaxing yesterday – nothing unusual to report. I made a trip to Decathlon (mountaineering / cycling / fitness store) whilst I was there and bought a lot of very reasonably priced items, including a nice hoody for £4; although I have a problem with thinking all the clothes I buy are too small – which given my size, is not an unreasonable deduction – despite assurances from other people to the contrary. I must have tried my suit on about ten times to check if it still fits: I’m going to wear it out before I’ve had the chance to use it. Don’t even get me started on washing clothes, which I’m sure shrinks everything further.

Back in Huzhou now for what will be my last full week of teaching. Lovely.


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1 Response to Host for the Day

  1. caroline says:

    and i thought only girls shopped and shopped till they dropped ! cant wait to see all these things – if you can get them home !!!

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