So I tried to change my ticket home yesterday because I haven’t as much money / friends to travel with as I first thought. Here is an excerpt from my conversation with the lovely people at KLM services:

Me: “Hello, I’d like to change the date of my flight please”

[After 1 minute of typing]

Operator: “I’m afraid your ticket doesn’t allow any changes sir”

Me: “That certainly is strange. I wasn’t aware of this at the time of booking. I thought I would be able to change the date for a fee”

Operator: “Ah. Well that’s only if you have the specific ticket (lists every one except mine).”

Me: “I understand that it will cost me a fee. I am not unreasonable.”

Operator: “I’m afraid it can’t be done sir”

Me: “I don’t think you understand. I want to give your business lots more money just to change my name from one database to another. In this case how much would it be to purchase a new ticket?”

Operator: “Well… [lots of typing] a single would be £1250 sir”

Me: “Are you joking? When it costs £700 return?.”

Operator: “Well you did tick the ‘Terms & Condition’ button when you signed up on the internet, sir”


After getting very annoyed and going to the gym to work out some stress, I did what any self-respecting 22 year-old does: call the parents. Who I have to say pulled it out the bag for me, and got my ticket changed for a snip at £75. So thank-you. If I ever have to book any tickets in the future I’m not going to go through this again: I’ll just turn up at the airport and bend over – the end result is the same but it saves a lot of time and bother.

So that was a fun day off. I didn’t help that I was annoyed further by everyone in the gym when I went about 4:00pm: as is custom there was a lot of machine hogging, moping about and staring in mirrors. I did notice one guy training pretty hard (he was massive) and when he came over to butt-in on the equipment I was using, I decided not to put up a fight (he did let me share). On my way out I noticed the same guy in a promotional video for the gym, participating in a bodybuilding competition, and from the looks of it, winning some sort of prize. I should have got an autograph.

Only two more weeks teaching before I leave for Hong Kong. Got to get a replacement visa when I am there which will allow me back into China when I leave for Thailand in July. Pleasingly, they seem to be a lot cheaper than the price I paid in the UK, and take a fraction of the time to process. Win.

Tomorrow I’m going for a drink with a girl who wants to become an English teacher at the school I work for, which given the turnover of staff, shouldn’t be too difficult. I met her on a bus going to class one evening and before you knew it had become a full-blown recruiter for the school (I’m hoping some sort of monetary reward will find its way into my account as compensation). Oh and the demo class competition finally finished today: I have no idea who won, but I can’t imagine many of them benefited by scoring system, which got more and more stingy as the competition went on.



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2 Responses to KLM

  1. Michael Johnson says:

    Thats what parents are for – Dig you out of a hole and dust you down for the next life experience.

    Take care

  2. caroline says:

    only too happy to help son !

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