So I decided to stay up and watch the Champions League final last night (2.45am kick-off – argh!) – what a mistake that was. The only time Manchester Utd got the ball was when Barcelona seemed uninterested in having it; not that I blame them, a match that one-sided should really be stopped early. As a result of this rather poor showing my first lesson this morning was a bit abrupt; although I did spot one very tired looking 13-year old: when I asked why, he said that he had been up last night watching the football and that he was disappointed Man Utd lost. Good lad.

With nothing else much to write about, I thought I might have a little rant about some things that have annoyed me recently. One is ‘The Great Gatsby’ – another classic novel of all-time – which goes up there with ‘Of Mice and Men’ as one of the biggest wastes of time ever. The main protagonist is Jay Gatsby, a rich socialite who holds extravagant parties in the hope of impressing one girl (who incidentally is married and doesn’t come to a party until the second half of the book). At 188 pages it’s a bit short, so you never get to learn much about any of the characters, especially the mysterious Gatsby; so that when you reach the ‘climax’ of the story (I can barely call it that) you couldn’t really care less what happened to him. In case you’re wondering, it didn’t end happily ever after. Apparently they’re making a film adaptation at the minute, but how you stretch out two hours of watchable material from that rubbish is beyond me.

The other thing is e-bikes – electric mopeds – that seemingly most of the Chinese population owns. I don’t have a problem with their concept per se – I can see they are quite practical and would probably get one if I was her for longer –¬† it’s just that the people who use them drive me nuts. Either completely oblivious, or choosing to ignore, the rules of the road, they will often drive down the pavement (looking at me like I’m in their way), into on-coming traffic, across pedestrian crossings and go through red-lights like they are for everyone else. Then you see parents (sometimes both mum and dad) riding along with their children perched precariously on the front or back: and it is always the parents with the protective head-gear. Idiots. I wonder if the Chinese government will give me a free pass to ‘educate’ some of the worst offenders? Probably not.

Now off to Gang Hu, an area north of the city to do some more teaching, before my day-off tomorrow. After the last couple of weeks I think I will spend this one resting at home, of course after the obligatory Crossfit session in the gym. I did the ‘Dumbbell bear’ workout yesterday, which much like meeting a real bear (I imagine), was very unpleasant. The problem with these exercises is that they mean you don’t get much else done – after my twenty minutes I generally mope around for an hour before deciding that my time could be better spent doing something more productive, but I guess this is a point. I like doing them so I will continue and see if it makes much of a differenc


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3 Responses to Football

  1. caroline says:

    i felt so sorry that you gave up your precious sleep to watch a very one sided game ! was surprised that you didnt just switch the alarm off and go back to sleep – bet you wish you had done !

  2. Never seen the Dumbbell Bear workout before, will save it for next time I fancy a special treat!

  3. Tom watkins says:

    I imagine that the dumbbell bear is a mythical beast which only comes out a few times a year to maul unsuspecting gym goers with extreme measures of weight. I bet he wears sweat bands.he does in my head …. Hope you lads are keeping well.

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