Gym Routine

Not much happening at the moment, so I thought I would write about my current gym exploits (which I’m sure 95% of you could care less about). Started mixing up my routine so that I do the Crossfit workout of the day at the beginning (Crossfit is an American training program – then completing my other sets at a leisurely pace afterwards. Crossfit as a regime has one motto – pain. On its website it states that:

“CrossFit is the principal strength and conditioning program for many police academies and tactical operations teams, military special operations units, champion martial artists, and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes worldwide.”

Which is obviously pretty cool, and totally necessary for my future career as an accountant – surely meetings are decided by arm wrestling and who can do the most pull-ups? The workouts it posts are short but very intense (which always garners a few stares in the gym) and they leave a lot of time to do other things – throw-up primarily. At the moment I am nowhere near the standard required, so I do most things with lower weights / breaks in between sets; but it’s my aim to carry on until I can post some respectable times and weights. During my routine today I had the added company of an old woman prancing around the weights area doing all manner of stretches. If I could swear in Chinese she would have received a torrent of abuse: next time I may ‘accidentally’ drop some weights on her foot to slow her down.

I have also decided to eat more healthily to go along with this new training regime. Nothing too spectacular, but it means cutting my weekly dumpling allowance to below a hundred (seriously) and avoiding particularly oily stuff (the Chinese love to use a lot of oil when cooking EVERYTHING). So my dinner tonight consisted of a small chicken – a Poussin I believe is the correct term – and three small cookies (as a treat). Healthy eating might mean I have to start cooking, but I’ll see how it goes for the minute – it would be a shame to break the habit unnecessarily.

At school this week we are having a ‘Demo class’ competition, which involves the best teachers in the school giving a mock lesson in order to win a £100 prize. Unfortunately I was overlooked as the competition host – that job went to the American teacher – so I have to make-do with being a judge again. I thought my stage experience (lead role as Scrooge in Primary school) would have made me a shoe-in for the gig, but apparently not. Their loss.


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5 Responses to Gym Routine

  1. caroline says:

    you was a really good scrooge !
    Glad the dumplings are being cut i was worried the new suit trousers might have to be

  2. amy says:

    I’m gonna go ahead and argue that you were in fact a pretty poor scrooge.
    On another note, any chance of getting your lovely sis a desginer handbag off one of these bargain market stalls? haha my birthday’s not far away….(13th June as i know your knowledge of my age/birth date is very limited) xxxx

  3. caroline says:

    just a tip Amy likes Chanel bags in the colour black – not yellow, green or pink !

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