Toilet Massage

Last couple of days have passed by in a bit of a blur. Yesterday I taught all day then went out in the evening with Will, who visited from Jiaxing. Irresponsible drinking, bad-dancing (on my part) and spilling were all on show, so not really my finest hour, but an excellent night nonetheless. I managed to receive a massage whilst going to the toilet, which I have to say, is a first for me. A hot towel was placed around my neck whilst my shoulders and back were worked at: for this service I paid 5 Yuan – not the 20 Yuan he seemed to want – which is about 50p, so too bad. At the end of the night there was a roadside restaurant still open so we got a sausage and onion stir fry dish (no doner kebabs here), which is excellent. Lovely stuff.

Unfortunately with it being a Saturday, and not a holiday, I then had to work today. This was not before consuming an unhealthy amount of fried food from McDonalds, which when your feeling a little delicate is amazing. In my head I imagined arriving at school, kicking my feet up and telling the children I was hungover, and therefore, not really up to teaching today. I quickly scrapped this idea as it dawned on me that the translation would probably be – “Daddy, the foreign teacher was drunk in class today”. This, for obvious reasons, would not go down well; instead I gathered myself enough to give some half reasonable lessons whilst quietly wishing the ground would open up and swallow me whole. It didn’t help that a kid in one of my classes had the exact same watch as me (a G-Shock), but the next model up – so radio-controlled and in a cool metallic blue colour. I wanted to trade but he wasn’t having any of it; just as I was about to consult the ‘Jack Bauer’ book of interrogation the bell went, saving his skin. This time.

Now back in my apartment resting up. Off to Shangers tomorrow to pick up my suit and maybe do some more tourist stuff. This will be my first solo trip outside of Huzhou so I hope I arrive there and back in one piece.


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  1. caroline says:

    remember to leave some things for other people to buy! and try to keep your bank card this time.

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