Woke up this morning to the glorious sight of rain, wind and a temperature below that which fuses hydrogen and helium in the middle of the sun. Never again will I complain about the weather at home!

As you have probably deduced from my last few posts, teaching is starting to grate a little. It is in this spirit that I have designed a number of exciting and educational lessons that revolve around showing children’s television programmes: Mr. Bean, Tom & Jerry and Wallace & Gromit to name just a few. Until now I have been unable to connect my laptop to the televisions in each classroom; however after a trip to the digital market today, I am now the proud owner of  said connection device. This was after some pointing, a lot of broken Chinese, and some very poor haggling on my part (I did manage to get the shop owner to throw in a free cable, but I still can’t notch this up in the win column). Although as I told myself on the walk home, ‘You really can’t put a price on children’s education’.

Every week at school we have a group meeting where notices are handed out and various people praised, or in the case of bad homework marks – told off. This week was my turn (for praise I mean): I was mentioned for my exemplary work changing the water in the cooler every few days. I was a little embarrassed for two reasons:

1) Changing the water takes a maximum of 10 seconds, depending on whether I struggle taking the cap off or not – so hardly a lot of effort.

2) Being an office full of women, I tend to wait until everyone is present before I step up and pretend to be the quintessential English gentleman. Not an act of altruism either.

However this embarrassment quickly vanished when I discovered I hadn’t won a prize for being in the Top 10 English teachers in our school. I’d like to think it was because I am new and the children don’t really know my name yet, so I shall be asking all my classes from now on whether they voted for me. Each winner received a microphone and speaker attachment, which I thought was rather generous given the circumstances – I lift a 20l water barrel every other day and I don’t get a prize. Oh the injustice.

On a more positive note, today was payday, which always seems to make the world a brighter place. I must remember not to put it all in the bank and then lose my ATM card again…..


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3 Responses to Payday

  1. caroline says:

    payday! you can eat again ! or another trip to the shanghai market for bargains!

    • Putting most of it aside for Hong Kong and travelling, but I’m sure there will be some left over….

      • Lisa says:

        😀 makes me happy to hear you ranting, some things never change baby, plus im sure you are the best english teacher theyre just trying to keep your feet on the ground xxx

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