The last few days in Huzhou have been very hot, which makes a nice change from the cold weather we have been getting. Last night there was some thunder and lightning – which I am ashamed to admit, I found a bit scary – but thankfully today we have more blue sky.

I decided to try something new for breakfast this morning, so visited the local restaurant-on-a-bike for a crispy pancake. It was amazing. It had egg, onions, different sauces and a some fried dough, all for the meagre price of 3 ¥ (about 30p). I will be returning tomorrow for double. Today at school I have to prepare a demo lesson to give to my colleagues so they can evaluate my teaching. I have sat through a number of these to date, and think I can muster up something at least comparable. Or I might just have ‘movie day’; although I’m not sure that’s what they have in mind. I also have to prepare for interviews I need to give next week for teachers who want to come to China, which I can’t help thinking I’m not exactly qualified for (especially after reading their CV’s) but hey-ho.

I have also just sorted out a trip to Hong Kong, which will take place in mid-June when the spring semester finishes. Hong Kong is technically part of China, but operates under its own political system and laws, so it will be interesting to see the contrasts to a city like Shanghai. Annoyingly the people speak Cantonese so I won’t be able to practice much Mandarin but I am going with fluent speakers which will be very handy. Luckily they have also taken care of the planning, so all I have to do is hand over money when I next get paid. Somebody reading this should pay attention (you know who you are) – I would like to organise all future holidays this way.

Coming up at the weekend we have another national holiday, this time for Labour Day, which apparently is celebrated in a few other countries as well. It used to last for a week but this practice was abolished in 2008 (thanks wikipedia) so I only get three days, but its a break at least. I’m off to Shanghai on Saturday to get a suit tailored and visit the markets, heading to Jiaxing for another night out with Will Saturday night, and visiting the homes of two colleagues at school who live outside Huzhou on Sunday and Monday. It’s going to be a busy few days.

Oh and for anyone interested: my plant is doing well, it has enough water (but not too much) and gets a very strict amount of sunlight everyday. I am very pleased with myself.


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2 Responses to Holiday

  1. Lisa says:

    hahahahaha like i dont organise it all anywayssssssss, if you want anything doing, do it yourself!!! the crispy pancakes interest me, please also learn how to make these. im very proud of you for looking after your plant but you have to remember babe it is still the first week, if you’d have given up by now id be pretty disappointed xxxx

    • as long as we’re clear. oh and washing and stuff – that should really be your domain as well. My plant is fine, it doesn’t live in my room anymore, not enough light. Still going strong though. xx

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