Sunday night was spent having dinner with my boss, his wife and two of his friends who have children studying at our school. We went to a buffet place just outside of Huzhou, where I ate (in no particular order): salmon, tuna, shark fin soup, steak, oysters, clams, chicken kebab and fish ‘from the deep sea’ (literal translation). It was by far the best food I have eaten so far and that is quite a feat. Afterwards we took a walk around a local park, where my boss embarrassed me with his knowledge of British history. My only input was to tell him that the Romans couldn’t invade Scotland, which he already knew. Should have paid more attention in history.

Yesterday went to see Battle of Los Angeles at the cinema in the middle of town. Hollywood films – especially the big blockbusters – are very popular in China, and big cinemas show English-speaking versions regularly. I find this strange in a city such as Huzhou, where foreigners are so rare that I still get stares and pointing fingers when I walk down the road, but I’m not complaining – it works for me. The film itself involved aliens, soldiers, a LOT of shooting and awful clichés about “leaving no-one behind”. All in all not to bad though.

In the evening we went to Taihu lake (the third largest lake in China) which is situated 20 mins outside Huzhou, on the border of Zhejiang province. It houses a number of cool islands and links to the grand canal, the largest canal in the world which runs from Hangzhou to Beijing. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see any of this because we went at night. In retrospect it would have been better to switch the day’s event, but hindsight (or even a little foresight) are marvelous things.

Back to school today. During our office hours this week me and the other foreign teachers will be judging the English-speaking contest, for which there is a prize of £100! I let it be known early on that I can be ‘bought’, but so far nobody has come forward. Hopefully as the week progresses money / dumplings will appear on my desk. If not then my Simon Cowell persona will be very unforgiving.


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