Karaoke and a blind massage

Last night was a busy one. First came an interview on Chinese television, where I reviewed a local restaurant famous for its noodles. My agent (things move quickly in showbiz) says I may have many more bookings after it airs next Monday – watch this space. Afterwards we went to a Chinese bar where we played a drinking game that involved a number of rules I didn’t understand; generally I ended up drinking regardless. I was then given a personal rendition of ‘Casablanca’ by the bar’s resident saxophone player and pressured into a karaoke duet of Backstreet Boys – Everybody. Despite said events, a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Today after class I was taken for a massage. By blind people. After my insistence that I was handled by a woman (disregarded), and my masseur’s obvious annoyance at finding the only person in Huzhou who speaks no Chinese, we began. I now know that a massage is NOT relaxing: anyone who says different is clearly a moron. Having said that, I do feel slightly better so, erm, thanks I guess.

I have uploaded some pictures of the West Lake in Hangzhou, one of the parks in the middle of Huzhou and a Tesco I found this evening (my fascination with said supermarket chain will be a running theme throughout this blog). On a different note I now have the internet in my flat so please skype me – stuart.johnson31!


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2 Responses to Karaoke and a blind massage

  1. OllieN says:

    Loving the blog Stu. Looking forward to reading about your chinese showbiz career taking off – Bieber style. The wheels of change are in motion …. haha !

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