Yesterday involved an extensive medical in Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province, including an ultrasound for the baby I am, thankfully, not carrying! Beforehand I needed to fast and it is measure of me as a person that the most difficult thing i’ve had to do so far is to miss breakfast. How do people do that? Afterwards I was able to look round the city and visit the West Lake, which was very beautiful. There is a Chinese proverb that says something about the lake being special when its foggy; which is, erm, great, but special does not equal good tourist photo. I consoled myself in Starbucks whilst eating cheesecake.

Today is my first full day of work, which seems to involve listening to teachers and signing autographs for the chinese students (mainly girls). I pretend to feel very embarrassed, but am in fact loving attention. I know how Justin Beiber feels. Today, the school has applied for my teaching certificate, which says I can teach english as a foreign language; all this without lifting a pen or writing a lesson plan. Amazing!


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4 Responses to Hangzhou

  1. Carol Lorden says:

    I always thought you looked pregnant!

    However, I don’t understand the Justin Beiber-esque autograph signings. Unless they think you’re the tallest man in the world?

    Happy teaching!

    C x

  2. Lisa says:

    can tell you’ve left Uk your english is crap babe 😉 better sharpen up for the teaching although im sure if you sing anything like Justin Bieber the kids won’t care if your grammar is awful 😉


  3. Amy Johnson says:

    Hey bro. Thought I’d leave you a comment, been keeping up with your blog (and checking your grammar!). All sounds exciting and like you’re having a good time…but autographs? Have you suddenly rose to fame over there?! Haha. Hope you are well, stay safe 🙂
    P.S – Only you can compare yourself to the Beiber.

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