Arrival in Huzhou

Welcome to my China blog!

My arrival in Huzhou, a city of 2.5 million people 2hrs west of Shanghai, was spectacularly uneventful. I will not bore you the reader with stories of my journey; it is enough to praise KLM for a smooth flight – good food, great selection of entertainment (if a representative from KLM is reading I am happy to receive payment for this free advertisement through free flights, airmiles, upgrades etc) and to say that Tesco, who have opened a branch in Shanghai, may just be taking over the world.

My apartment is a simple 1 bedroom flat in the centre of Huzhou; I have posted a picture from my bedroom window (more photos to follow). I spent Sunday day following around Lesley, a Chinese teacher who leads the international programme at my school. After classes, which were mainly on small children (10-12year olds) we went to a restaurant where we had some of the local specialities, including the fish soup (below).

Today has been a busy day sorting out documents needed to stay here for a while. I had one interesting chat (through my chinese friend) with a taxi driver who disliked the British fighting in Libya. He was mad. In this situation I find it best to lie, so I assured said driver of my liberal outlook and confirmed my presence in Huzhou is not a pretext for a colonial expansion.

I am writing from a private room in an internet cafe, watching a chinese television programme about kids who dance like michael jackson. I literally have no idea. I am doing this whilst eating popcorn, seeds and watermelon. Bizarre.

This is all for now, I will updating more regularly when I have internet in my flat (maybe tomorrow).


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10 Responses to Arrival in Huzhou

  1. That’s clearly not a view from your bedroom window, unless you’re living on the street in the middle of a roundabout.
    Glad to know you arrived alright, although you haven’t replied to my email. I’m gonna come over to Huzhou this weekend and kick you. Right in your hairy back.
    I’ve also been thinking of more pun-tastic names for your blog – “Chinese Kung Stu” is the best I’ve come up with so far…

  2. John tomlinson says:

    How I envy you

    • Hi John

      Thanks! Everything is going pretty well, apart from being ill the last few days. Went to Shanghai the other day, which was amazing. Enjoying the food a lot as well – they already know to order me a double portion at work everyday! Hope all is well with you and the family.


  3. Tom says:

    Hello Stu.

    it does sound quite odd there me when you get the chance yeah.hope you are all good let me know yeah?

  4. Spencer Crane says:

    Glad everythings ok so far. Take it you haven’t had the extremely invasive medical that Will and his cohort recieved upon their arrival to china? Look forward to that!
    I hear from Will that your quite close. look forward to hearing all about your adventures. Im sure he’l have you up to speed with the culture, traditions and all you can eat sushi bars in no time. Oh and not forgetting Mcdonalds.

    • Cheers mate, only just figured out you can reply on the comments. I had my medical, which was one of the funniest things ever. Luckily I’m not about to die whilst I’m here so they’re pretty happy. Seeing Will this weekend so that’ll be cool. I’ve already found the MacDonalds – free coffee refills. Amazing! Hows the job going?

  5. Lisa says:

    fun times!!! miss yooooouuuuu

  6. Ronda Jackson says:

    Sounds like you are having an awesome time.
    I have your Grandad at mine he is loving reading all about you on the net.

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